Ukraine dam: Thousands flee floods after dam collapse near Nova Kakhovka
Posted on Wednesday June 07, 2023

Around 40,000 people need to be evacuated, says Ukraine, after a collapse released a torrent of water.

Ros Atkins on… The Ukraine dam breach
Posted on Tuesday June 06, 2023

The BBC’s analysis editor Ros Atkins looks at what we know about the Ukraine dam collapse at Nova Kakhovka.

Ukraine war: Wagner boss rubbishes Russian claims of Ukrainian casualties
Posted on Tuesday June 06, 2023

Moscow says it inflicted 3,700 casualties on Kyiv on Monday, but Yevgeny Prigozhin calls the claim "absurd".

Ukraine war: Kyiv says troops advance on eastern front
Posted on Tuesday June 06, 2023

Ukraine says its has gained ground near Bakhmut, as Russia claims to have thwarted a new attack.

Ukraine war: Wagner detains Russian officer over 'drunk' attack
Posted on Monday June 05, 2023

In a video posted online, the officer says he fired on a Wagner vehicle because he dislikes the group.

Ukraine war: 'It's better to die at home than abroad'
Posted on Monday June 05, 2023

Thousands of Ukrainians are moving back to towns close to the front line, despite the dangers.

Why are people leaving Russia, who are they, and where are they going?
Posted on Sunday June 04, 2023

A trickle of Russians leaving became a stream after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine of 2022.

Poland protest: Hundreds of thousands demand change in Warsaw
Posted on Sunday June 04, 2023

Politicians including main opposition leader Donald Tusk led crowds calling for a change of direction.